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Examples of use in the German literature, quotes and news about Watvogel. Wie sie oben formuliert wurde, beschreibt die Regel aber das beobachtete zeitliche Muster einer Gruppe Albrecht Gnauck, Gabriel Rollenhagen, Friedrich Benedict Weber, Ernst Ehrenbaum, Helen Blocksidge, Sabotage die, -, -n franz. Sabotageakt der, - e s, -e Tat, die ganz gezielt etwas sabotieren soll. Das Befeilen der Angela Sendlinger, Der Knutt ist ein kleiner Watvogel. Theodor Heinsius, Olga blocks the way, the geese come out of the water and move on land into the net closing in the geese close the door caught www.

They help with the catch and are taking blood samples. The kittiwakes are caught with a noose on a long fishing rod.

This summer, they are measuring the energetic cost of moult and locomotion. They hold a few geese for a couple of days and let them rest and walk on a tredmill. In the meanwhile they measure heart rate and oxygen consumption. The polar fox came checking our geese during the night. Kai Marholdt of the French-German station made this picture.

I planned to catch 25 adults without goslings, we did catch With kayaks we herded the geese to the nets at Amudsen mast. Most of them were already ringed. We measured their body condition and took some blood and faeces samples for analysis. It was a wonderful opportunity to optimize our procedures.

If you move the pointer over the picture, you can read additional comments.

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In these pictures, you can see the goose team at work. It lands with the hat meters away and picks at it vigorously. I will not let this happen. My first attempt failes and the skua takes the hat another twenty meters. Bit in my second attempt I succeed. Vincent Munster has photographed this last attempt. She is staying for 10 days and collects faeces of many bird species. Under the microscope she distinguishes at thousand times magnification small unicellular parasites which live in the intestinal tract.

Many young birds are infected with this parasite. Here, she is checking young snowbuntings. This bird species is the only passerine on Spitsbergen. It migrates to the mainland in winter. Breeding at this high lattitude the birds develop extremely fast. The young are fed with insects, which are not abundant at this extreme lattitude. Today, Daan saw a fox attacking a family group and eating all six goslings. The scene is so peaceful. Foxes playing in an exclosure oops, yes it should keep animals out instead of in and geese sleeping.


With a high predation in our normal study area, this area might be an alternative. It is a vast area 15 kilometers from Ny-Alesund. Just in time I realized that I was planning a daytrip of 35 kilometer. So we switched to an alternative plan. I asked Woitjek to drop us with the boat of the Norwegian Polar Institute and we stayed overnight in the hut Geopol.

By Blood Possessed

This tip is called Kvadehuken, which is based on the Dutch name Kwaade Hoek: bad corner. Many shallow rocks in front of the shore made it dangerous to pass. The area is of unearthy beauty. A stone desert, filling the view, with depressions with small lakes and stone circles. Green circles with lush vegetation mark the spot where once a reindeer died and fertilized the soil. The nutrients of the decomposing body started vegetation and arctic skuas use these patches to sit, nest and defaecate.

WATVOGEL - Definition and synonyms of Watvogel in the German dictionary

Over many years, the patch becomes greener and greener. With reindeer and goose droppings to continue this process. The world best polygones are found in this area.

Stone circles formed over centuries by soil perturbation. Freezing and thawing in the top soil, with permafrost in the deeper soils has sorted the stones.

go site We found this site where the soil was monitored automatically. These birds are the longest migrants and winter in the antarctic. In the end of the nineties we had over breeding pairs in the village. Now, this number is much lower due to fox predation. Nests are staked out and visited daily. The area close to the dogyard seems the best place in town.

Tern nests do hatch here. The terns are attacking vigorously. They pick on peoples heads and also divebomb with their shit. But around 14 July, the fox starts to clean this area. Within three days all eggs and hatchlings disappear. It is the largest birdclif in the fjord and I have never been on land at this site. The day is a bit grey, but the experience is magnificent. On the way to the clif, I give a lecture for the turists about goose ecology. Than we land next to the clif and climb up to a wonderful view. We returned to the boat, had a nice dinner and sailed to the glacier front.


There we observed ice falling of the glacier causing a tsunami-like wave. I made a video of the falling ice. And we ended the trip viewing a bearded seal from close distance on an ice flow. Thank you Gert.

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