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Effective Apology by John Kador. View table of contents.

Apology Against the Arians (Illustrated) by St. Athanasius | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

Start reading. Book Description Politicians apologizing, celebrities needing to apologize, and business leaders failing at the attempt fill today's headlines. In fact, we all have occasion to apologize. But we don't need more apologies, says John Kador. We need more effective ones that restore strained relationships, create possibilities for growth, and generate better outcomes for all. Effective Apology challenges you to think about the fundamental value of an apology, to you and the receiver, as it explores in detail the key dimensions—what Kador calls the Five Rs—of a wholehearted apology, one that heals and renews.

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I am currently a subscriber but once I upload a document created on Mac for PDF conversion only the hyperlinks created throughout the document work. The TOC does not. Am I doing something wrong? I think you are on the Mac. Is it possible in word or PDF to add link for these topics automatically. Steps: 1.

Click on Save As 2. Click on Options button below the file type dropdown list 4. Select Document Structure Tags for accessibility 6. Save the file and …. You are done…. You will not only have the TOC links embedded , but also the bookmarks will be added in the PDF for easy navigation using the left hand side navigation pane in Acrobat Reader.

That works OK in most cases but that feature is not available on the Mac, fyi. Also, Office will rasterize in OpenType fonts in the document.

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