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Once per day if attuned, user can activate its Lunar Shine ability, revealing the moon as huge and bright in the sky, sending 10d10 radiant damage in a 20 foot radius, affecting only enemies within that radius. Destroyed by: The Lunar Sickle can be destroyed only by a 1d4 hour long ritual to purposely destroy it, which must begin at midnight.

The War Fan of Admiral Huztin: Enchanted with the soul of a fused elemental, the war fan summons violent storms over any target area. Should the war fan approach its own storm, a ft rad.

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Destroyed by: Used to conquer countless pirates at sea, the admiral doomed its power to the water depths in case of his defeat— the fan disintegrates when submerged in water. The bracelet shrinks tight around the arm of user, siphoning life energy to maintain the heavy cost of a demon trapped in each stone— their names scribed in the gold.

Destroyed by: To remove the bracelet, the arm must be severed. Helm of the Chisolm: Deep beneath the dunes of Shiftine, where the Chisolm plains once lay, graze forever still 1, head of templeforged bull. Siege machines of awesome destruction, these creatures wait for call towards the next crusade by they that don the Helm. Destroyed by: Only a martyr can extinguish their path. The Hugfeld Globe: Mysteries surround this articulate map of the world, as fraud and misinformation frame almost every border of its model.

What is known for sure, to much disdain far and wide, is that every line drawn upon it erects a wall. Destroyed by: Luckily, the accompanying Hugfeld Pen has been missing for quite a while. Sliced clean from a forest spirit with a necrotic blade, the foot leaves blight in its steps with every hop.

Destroyed by: The foot can only be stopped by returning it to the spirit.

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The Book of Togrutl: A book written in a completely alien language that few beings in reality can read. Destroyed by: The Book of Togrutl can only be destroyed be a specific magical furnace in an ancient library. If you speak the name of a god while you are on the same plane of existence as them they become mortal for 24 hours, this ability can only be used once per day, while a god is mortal in this way any attack with this weapon against them deals an extra 3d6 necrotic damage.

Destroyed by: They say the Dagger of God Killing can only be destroyed by a powerful force older than the gods themselves. Soulrender: The Soulrender is a small iron sphere with necromantic sigils and black diamonds on the outside. If a humanoid spends 6 hours chanting an incantation while holding the Soulrender, the sphere emits a magical blast that goes through all nonmagical barriers and most magical barriers in a foot radius.

Those who pray to the moon are unaffected by this drain, but doing so permanently charms the supplicant to treat the moon cult as friends to be trusted and allies to be obeyed. This effect overcomes usual resistances to charm An ominous moon that never rises or sets is draining the mental and physical vitality of those in its range to fuel the birth of a false god.

There is quite a bit of time before the moon-egg hatches, but scholars of esoteric mystery believe the draining effect will become worse, and moon will eventually draw in every living thing for a thousand miles with a siren call so they can be drained to nothing. Destroyed by: Kill the moon! The spire fortress is the perfect needle to pierce the shell and puncture the embryo.

The Resistance has perfected a bit of supermagic that can launch the whole building like a rocket. They just need someone to sneak in there and plant it. The Wand of Endless Bubbles: A sickly green wand with a circle at one end. When swung in an arcing manor for the first time a spew of bubbles shoot out.

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Each bubble deals one damage of a random type on whatever they pop upon. Destroyed by: While the User could simple abandon the wand, at the rate the bubbles are created they would quickly envelop the land it resides in. A temporary solution is to trap the end in a case of some kind that instantly pops the bubbles such as a sword sheath, sack, or wrapping of some kind. However, the container used would slowly dissolve. A permanent solution is to either destroying or deforming the ring through which the bubbles form, or finding a way to remove its magic.

While wielding it the creature can grip it with two hands and slam it into the ground to create a barrier that extends in a semicircle in front of them and upwards to from a half dome dimensions are up to the DM. Attacks made against the barrier always hit. To maintain the barrier the weirder must not move. Destroyed by: The barrier is destroyed when enough damage has been done to it.

The shield can be destroyed by by any normal means. The Portal Wand: a wand with the ability to shoot little energy balls that create two-way portals, into anywhere the user wants. Destroyed by: Can be destroyed by making a ball cross a portal, overwhelming space-time, and teleporting anything in a 30ft radius around the wand into an unreachable pocket dimension. The Teleorb: a massive purple orb.

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Can be attuned to by performing an odd psionic ritual, and the person attuned to it can use telekinetic powers to control any willing creature or innanimate object with less than a tonne of mass. Destroyed by: Can be destroyed by making the user try to use the telekinesis on the orb itself, making both the orb and the user disintegrate in a million particles. The DNA Sword: a sword with two razor sharp, helicoidal blades, that emit a faint green glow. On the other side of the hilt, there is a steel needle. Destroyed by: The sword cannot understand hybrid DNA.

If used to kill a hybrid creature, it will shatter, and release deadly radiation, growing massive tumors in any creatures in a 60ft radius. When it is drawn, it becomes covered in tears. These tears are a deadly poison, that can kill anything within a day. Worse, once it becomes attuned to its wielder, it will always return to their hand. To wield this weapon, one must have known great sorrow, and must sacrifice something precious and irreplaceable to it. Destroyed by: The rightful wielder of the Weeping Blade must hold it while something happens that causes the wielder to feel nothing but joy.

The Cometstaff: Supposedly tipped with a piece of celestial iron, this staff grants its wielder power over the heavens, allowing them to summon storms, control the winds, and even call down lightning or meteors. Aside from making its wielder an unstoppable force on the battlefield, it can be used to water crops, or keep ships safe at sea.

Indeed, those uses are what it prefers, and if only used for war and conquest, it may fail at a critical hour. The dragon must never have seen the sun. Even under the force of the Gods. Allows for the protection fighting style to be used for allies up to 20 feet away. Destroyed by: If brought to a holy Temple of Bahamut this item could be destroyed with a number of priests and a ceremony. The item asked for must be able to fit through the cups top. The Sickle allows the attuned user to bring back freshly dead 1 hour creatures back to life twice per day.

However, if these creatures are not healed, or a DC 16 Medicine check is not made on them within the next hour after revitalization, they die again. The Torch allows the attuned user to cast a spells for free using its 15 charges. DC Allows the user to see through walls when activated. The pendant may be activated 3 times per day allowing the attuned user to see outlines of living things through walls, as well as hear conversations held.

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The user may also use this amulet to cast Detect Thoughts as normal, using a charge. This object when held by its attuned user can be transformed into any basic weapon, small items, or shield. It can do this 5 times a day. Allows the attuned user to cast Crown of Madness DC 20 up to 3 times per day. Allows the user to cast spells, instantly, using its 10 charges.

Esintur: Esintur is a bone white magical longsword that requires attunement. Esintur can hold multiple souls at a time and has two uses for the souls. Esintur cannot be destroyed be outside means but if it collects 52 or more souls the sword immediately explodes, dealing 10d10 radiant damage in a 30 foot radius. Crown of the Faceless King: A golden crown inlaid with rubies, requires attunement.

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A person who is wearing this crown and is attuned to it can sense the deepest desires of any humanoid within 20 feet. Destroyed by: The Crown can only be destroyed if the person who is attuned to it and is wearing it is beheaded to the cheers of a great crowd. When She fought with the evil God Naphistim, their combined power fused and the stone cracked into many pieces, birthing a new Lesser God Nephim.

The villain collected these pieces and brought them together, in doing so, he is able to control Nephim to some degree and learn the answer to any question Nephim could answer. Destroyed by: It is destroyed when both positive and negative energy are attack it at the same time, falling to pieces once more. The Manual of Monsters: A magical tomb that holds absolutely every single monster including races and has stats for each entry.

Not only does this hold the entirety of Monster knowledge, but its also in alphabetical order.

enter site Destroyed by: It could be destroyed with the venom of a purple worm used as ink in a quill of aarakocra feather. When the names of each monster are scribbled out with this writing instrument, one monster of that kind dies. When all the names are gone, the book falls to ash. Boots of Grounding- All energy based attacks do no damage to the wearer and instead are directed through the heel into the ground. Destroyed by: The boots explode if touched together while attacked by an energy attack.