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Even before he saw her again, Julian was determined to claim his bride and get an heir from her, to put his ailing father's mind at ease. Now that he's met her, he's even more determined that they should consummate the marriage. But since Deb doesn't remember that she's already married to him, he decides to make him fall in love with him. He courts her for two days, then kidnaps her in order to have another marriage ceremony without any of her family and friends present, because what's more romantic!

Apparently overcome by her attraction, Deb agrees to marry him and they have a blissful honeymoon. Immediately Julian threatens to rape her so he can get a son from her, storms off, storms back a few months later, accuses her of infidelity and AGAIN threatens to rape her, then storms off and cries. At this point, any and all interest I had in their romance had dried up completely, and I was reduced to hissing "get ouuuuutttt" whenever he popped up on the page.

He and Deb both turn up at his parents' mansion for their marriage ball, where they randomly behave very cosily with each other even though the last time they saw each other she told him she was planning on having their marriage annulled by claiming he was mad, and he threatened to rape her YET AGAIN and he finally tells her that he never had sex with [random French lady], which is apparently all Deb needs to hear. No apologies for any of his behavior, naturally. Cut to the epilogue, where Deb is giving birth to her fourth child in four years. Even if the "romance" between Julian and Deb had been less ooky, this would still be a bad book.

Every single plot point would have been avoided if Julian's dad the Duke OR Julian himself had told the truth. The whole family lives under the scandalous shadow of the Duke, who supposedly fathered a bastard who was born the same month as Julian. The Duke never had sex with the bastard's mom, so he knows full well that he didn't father the bastard, but he still lets everyone believe this lie even though there is no reason I can possibly see to let the falsehood stand.

But he makes his family go through a huge lawsuit, lets himself and his family be lampooned in the press, is nearly killed in a duel, all because he won't just say "nope, never slept with her. Aside from the nonsensical plot, the writing itself is competent, if uninspired. Yet, from all the cacophony, comes a love so wonderfully deep and poignant, so emotionally fulfilling you wish it were your own. This is the second of Ms. This series is highly recommended to those who wish to find love the hard way… I love the way the story starts. A young girl of 12, slightly drugged, is married to a boy of 15, half-crazed with drink, in the middle of the night.

It seemed sinister. I asked myself who was the bad guy and kept asking. Who were these children who were coerced into marriage?

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As chapter 1 begins, I was totally compelled to get the answers to my questions. If Sir Gerald is her brother, her guardian, why was he trying to marry her off? What made the marriage so necessary? Great drama. Cleverly, the author holds the reins in her hands, taunt, only dispensing pieces of the puzzle and creating greater suspense, propelling us to the moment where all falls apart. The heroine, Deborah did not put all the pieces together until much too late for she had no remembrance of that momentous night.

The story shows us how evil and greedy man can be no matter his station in life. Martin and the Duke of Roxton were hard characters to read, however, hints were dropped, but without a clear picture they could have meant several things. Deborah Cavendish was everything nobility should be, strong of spirit and passionate of heart. The narrator, Alex Wyndham shows wonderful professionalism and a delight to listen to. He is endowed with a rich baritone which could be listened to forever. Characterization of each player was truly spot on.

Elder voices were over the top.

Dandashi Feb 20, At first this was a little hard to get into for me, but then I found myself wishing it wasn't going to end soon. It was sweet and not smutty, a good historical romance for when all you want is the romance. Silversi Feb 20, Midnight Marriage continues the saga of the Roxton family, which began with Noble Satyr recently reviewed. Deborah has no recollection of her midnight marriage at the age of twelve to a weeping, bellicose teenager.

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Julian is sent to the Continent to improve his ways, while Deborah continues her life. She proves to have an equally headstrong nature, to the despair of her older brother, Gerald, who has hopes of seeing her settle down in a respectable union with Julian in the future. Julian and Deb are hurriedly married-off as teenagers. Julian is then banished to the continent, Deb returned to the nursery and told her midnight marriage was just a bad dream from the effects of laudanum. Nine years later, Julian returns incognito to claim his bride.

Can their marriage survive such a calculated deception? Stand-alone book 1 in the Roxton Family Saga More. Just twelve years old, and drugged with laudanum to make her compliant, Deborah Cavendish is woken in the middle of the night and married off to a distraught boy not much older than herself. Years later, Deb stumbles across a wounded duelist in the forest, and it is love at first sight. Deb has no idea the wounded duelist is in truth her noble husband Julian Hesham, Marquess of Alston, returned to England after years in exile to claim his wife.

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Remaining incognito, Julian is determined Deb will fall in love with him, not his title, and sets out to woo her before she can be seduced by a persistent suitor with ulterior motives. Their marriage, and the future of the Roxton dukedom depend upon it.

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Twists and turns, dramatic revelations, and some enjoyable chaos make this a book that keeps the reader turning pages. Highly recommended! For those historical romance fans who have been gobsmacked by Nicholas Boulton as a narrator , I am thrilled to report that Alex Wyndham is every bit as good.

Midnight Marriage: A Georgian Historical Romance

His narrative voice is deep and lovely. Family secrets. Download: epub Online Reader. Price: Free! Add to Library. Create Widget. About Lucinda Brant. Also in Series: Roxton. Great plot and characters! Loved the book. CaroleL reviewed on on July 26, A page turner! Never a dull moment. Great story.

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