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Writing with her usual brio, MacMillan has created a wonderfully insightful and affectionate portrait of a man who mattered. Customer Reviews of Extraordinary Canadians:stephen Leacock. Select Parent Grandparent Teacher Kid at heart.

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Batoche, Saskatchewan, Canada. Massachusetts, USA. Prince Edward Island, Canada. Cree Nation Territory. Montana, USA. Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada. British Columbia, Canada. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Fort Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada. Frog Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada. Suez Canal, Egypt. Orillia, Ontario, Canada. Washington, D. Saskatchewan, Canada. Fort Pitt, Alberta, Canada. Alberta, Canada.

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  5. Chicago, Illinois, USA. Related events World War II. Northwest Rebellion.

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    Red River Rebellion. Richard Riot. Stanley Cup. Spanish Civil War. Suez Crisis. Chinese Revolution of October Crisis. Globe and Mail Top Book. Charles Taylor Prize finalist.

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    Governor General's Literary Award. Globe and Mail Best Book. How do series work?

    Series: Extraordinary Canadians Series by cover 1—8 of 18 next show all. Lord Beaverbrook by David Adams Richards. Emily Carr by Lewis Desoto. By Margaret Macmillan.

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    Email or call for price. Description Canada's foremost historian examines the life of a great humorist. She is also the author of The Uses and Abuses of History. In addition to sketching the career path of the McGill economics professor who developed a lucrative sideline in humour, the book provides fascinating glimpses into Canadian life during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Dec 2 - pm to pm.