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Look-up words quickly and easily with this travel size Cantonese phrasebook and dictionary. In this accessible phrasebook you'll find: A pronunciation guide and grammar notes explaining the basic sounds and sentence patterns of the language Essential Cantonese expressions for meeting people, asking and answering simple questions, and starting up friendly conversations New manga illustrations demonstrating critical phrases in real life situations Vocabulary for technology, WiFi, smartphones and social media A useful English-Cantonese dictionary, so the right words are at your fingertips Travel tips and cultural notes allow you to interact without making social blunders With 14 chapters covering topics from talking about the weather to what to do in an emergency, you will never be caught unprepared.

Essential Cantonese is the best book to get for travel to Hong Kong and Canton— interact confidently with native Cantonese speakers. Help Centre. Track My Order. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist. Ships in 7 to 10 business days. I am a native mandarin speaker, and write traditional character as well not simplify. A passionate and patient teacher, I love to teach mandarin and my hometown culture in the same.

Hope we can enjoy and communicate through language learning,. I am Cristina, Violin Piano Music teacher, recording artist and educator. Classical trained from Piano and Violin when I was 5 and switched to viola after high school. Background Checked. I make language learning fun and effective, using established techniques for effective and rapid language acquisition. I prefer to teach speaking and listening together with reading and writing, but some students prefer only to learn to speak, which is also fine.

It can be faster to get up and running with conversations, but with less deep an understanding of the language. As a native English speaker who lived in mainland China for over 8 years, I have the unique ability to explain pronunciation and other issues clearly from a foreigner's perspective. I can help you understand quickly and easily how to form the sounds we don't have in English, as well as visualize the tone systems that are characteristic of Mandarin Chinese. I lived and worked in Shanghai, China, from to I've been teaching music and language lessons for over I've been teaching Chinese for almost 8 years and my students have gone on to develop a deep love of Chinese language, culture and more!

Within the first few lessons, you'll start learning and speaking simple practical Chinese characters and sentences and as time goes on, you'll be able to write and speak Chinese fluently. I typically use worksheets, living textbooks,Chinese songs, role play and more. I love working with students of all experience levels. Having taught Chinese Language Skills in the private sector, primary, secondary and college institutions for a number of years in China, has not only given me great confidence to teach in a classroom setting, but has inherently brought an instructor comfort that feels natural to me.

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In addition, f. I will provide you the learning materials, although you could send me the files that you are interested in learning or need help with. I offer online sessions with standard Mandarin Chinese and simplified Chinese characters. There are two types of sessions that I provide. One is homework help, test preparation, etc. You can send me the documents that you want to work on. The other type of session that I do is structured lessons wi. Over the past 12 years, we've given over 3,, lessons to happy customers around the world.

Mandarin Lessons in Harrison. Amazing Teachers. In person or online. A Better Way to Learn. Top rated instructors guide you in every step of your journey. Your style, your pace.

Most ESSENTIAL Chinese Phrases: We ask Beijingers most useful Mandarin phrases.

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