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He works at a Starbucks and is obsessed with the Beatles. He has a daughter with a homeless woman; she abandons them as soon as they leave the hospital.

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He names his daughter Lucy Diamond after the Beatles song , and raises her. But as she reaches age 7 herself, Sam's limitations start to become a problem at school; she's intentionally holding back to avoid looking smarter than he is. The authorities take her away, and Sam shames high-priced lawyer Rita Harrison into taking his case pro bono. In the process, he teaches her a great deal about love, and whether it's really all you need. Story based upon Liberty Magazine serial by Fred Allhoff. A dynamic law professor is drafted by a civic leader to investigate the city's gangster activities in this lurid expose of the inner workings of the urban underworld.

Based on the play "Nos deux consciences" by Paul Anthelme. Father Logan, stolid, stalwart, to all appearances the embodiment of priestly piety, hears a murderer's confession. Almost immediately Logan is plunged into peril, for circumstantial evidence and eyewitness accounts point to a priest as the killer.

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The sacrament of penance forbits him to reveal what he knows. As calamity and coincidence conspire to paint Logan into a hopeless corner, it becomes the priest who must admit to himself, and confess his own human frailty. Based on the true story of Barbara Graham, a fast-living party girl, who suddenly finds herself accused of a murder she did not commit and sentenced to the gas chamber. Only a psychologist and a reporter can help her in the desperate struggle to prevent the final judgment.

Fields Cuthbert J. Gideon , Donald Meek Amos Budge. Mae West had an inexhaustibly playful interest in language, and a rare, sometimes perplexing, and even lofty wit, spiced by low-down slang. Well before the second wave of feminism, she wrote all her own material, insisted on total control of her work, and was wildly popular for a short time, right before the Production Code lowered the boom on adult attitudes being expressed in films. She made only 12 movies, but three are first-rate, and these were enough to seal her fame and launch a legend.

In her first film appearance, "Night After Night," a successful ex-boxer buys a high-class speakeasy and falls for a rich society girl. As the bold Tira in "I'm No Angel," she works as a dancing beauty and lion tamer at a fair. Cleo Borden is a former dance hall queen who has become newly rich. She falls for--and pursues--an upper crust Englishman. To stifle her boredom, she trifles with a young man's affections. Surprisingly, things change very little when she arrives in Greasewood City to start over.

Based on the autobiographical book: Proved innocent, by Gerry Conlon. Fact-based film about Gerry Conlon, the young Irish punk who is caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and forced to confess to a terrorist bombing.

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He and his father, along with friends of Gerry, are found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. There, his father shows his true strength, and Gerry works to prove their innocence and clear his father's name. Based upon the play by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. A small Tennessee town gained national attention in when a biology schoolteacher was arrested for violating state law by teaching Darwin's theory of evolution in the classroom. Music, John Barry; camera, Matthew F. An attorney falls in love with her defendant, the prime suspect in a vicious murder case.

This fictionalized account of a war crimes trial of four eminent Nazi judges at Nuremberg, Germany, after World War II provides insight into Nazi brutality and raises questions about freedom of choice, loyalty to one's country, and responsibility to mankind. Based on the book by George Dawes Green. A struggling single mother impulsively agrees to serve on a jury hoping for a little excitement in her humdrum life. She gets far more than she bargained for when she's forced to sacrifice the truth to save her son from the mob's seductive, psychotic enforcer. Videocassette release of the motion picture Based on the novel by John Katzenbach.

A Harvard Law School professor reopens a murder investigation on behalf of a Death Row inmate who claims he was forced by a sinister lawman to confess to a crime he didn't commit. On the surface, it seems to be a straight-ahead case of the prisoner's guilt or innocence. But nothing really lies on the surface of this mystery, set in the Florida swamplands.

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From the novel "Knock on any door" by Willard Motley. A young hoodlum from the slums is tried for murdering a cop. He is defended by a prominent attorney who has known him from childhood. Based on the novel by Avery Corman. Produced by Stanley R. Jaffe; written for the screen and directed by Robert Benton; director of photography, Nestor Almendros; editor, Jerry Greenberg. When his wife walks out on Ted Kramer and his six-year-old son they have a chance to really get to know each other.

When Ted's wife returns she wants her son back. In this television movie that reunites the cast of LA Law, founding partner Leland McKenzie retires and former partner Michael Kuzak returns to stop the execution of a past client.

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Meanwhile divorce attorney Arnie Becker deals with his own divorce. Originally released as motion picture in A seaman becomes involved in the murderous intrigue of a crippled lawyer and his homicidal frustrated wife. The film culminates in a shoot-up in a hall of mirrors. Description: 1 videocassette 87 min. Series: Columbia classics Summary: A seaman becomes involved in the murderous intrigue of a crippled lawyer and his homicidal frustrated wife. Notes: Originally released as motion picture in Maggie Conlon Rock is an unwed mother with four children by four different fathers.

While she loves her children deeply, she seems unable to escape the self-destructive behavior that repeatedly brings her into conflict with the local social services department.


A new love affair with Jorge Vega , a gentle political refugee, may be her last chance to break the vicious cycle she's trapped in, and her only hope for building a better life for her family and herself. A hard-nosed assistant district attorney and an imaginative defense attorney combine their talents to defend a "performance artist" who is accused of theft and murder. When a blonde sorority queen is dumped by her boyfriend, she decides to follow him to law school to get him back and, once there, learns she has more legal savvy than she ever imagined.

Set on a rubber plantation in Malaya, this story centers on a woman's reasons for killing a man who was a close family friend. Videocassette release of the motion picture, winner of the academy award for best picture. Explores the career of the novelist who championed the cause of France's oppressed, notably in the Dreyfus case.. Based upon the play: La femme X, by Alexandre Bisson. Blackmailed into leaving her politician husband and their baby, a woman, twenty years later, finds herself on trial for murder, inadvertently defended by her own son.

Roosevelt, with particular focus on the love between Holmes and his wife Fanny, and their relationships with their many "sons," Holmes' law students. Based on the play by Robert Bolt. Based on the story by Dorothy M. Clothier; editor, Otho Lovering; music, Cyril Mockridge.

The story of a man who becomes a legend and an important political figure by falsely claiming he shot a ruthless gunman Liberty Valance. Screenplay, Oliver H. Selznick; director W. Van Dyke. Story about boyhood pals who end up on opposite sides of the law, and who fall for the same woman. Won Oscar for best original story. A crusading prosecutor uses a prostitute to indict mobster Johnny Vanning. Inspired by the real-life saga of prostitutes whose testimony put Lucky Luciano behind bars. A television version of Jonathan Miller's London stage production of the play by William Shakespeare.

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The play is set in the Venice of Laurence Olivier stars in Shakespeare's story of the young Venetian and the Jew who lends him money on the security of one pound of flesh. Upon default the Jew insists on payment of his bond and the young Venetian is rescued by the heroine disguised as a male lawyer. Producers, Frederick Zollo and Robert F. Colesberry; director, Alan Parker; writer, Chris Gerolmo. Set in Mississippi in , this is a fictionalized version of the case of the murder of three young civil rights workers, the FBI's attempts to find the missing boys and the clash between the authorities and the locals in a Klan-dominated town.

Based on a story by Clarence Budington Kelland. In New York, "sophisticates," including relatives, lawyers, and business executives, attempt to have him declared insane in order to gain control of the fortune. Macy, R. Lee Ermey. In this fact-based story, a convict is confined to the dungeons of Alcatraz for three years in isolation after a failed escape.

When he at last emerges from the total darkness, he's confused, savage, barely human, and he immediately kills the stoolie who ratted on his escape. It's an open-and-shut case of Murder One. But his resolute attorney puts Alcatraz and its sadistic associate warden on trial in his client's behalf.

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The story of one man's struggle with his responsibilities as a lawyer and with the appetite of his ego. However, the novel he stole was a factual account of a series of murders. A Chicago attorney agrees to defend her Hungarian immigrant father against accusations of heinous war crimes committed fifty years earlier.